Stelmach Ducks

I haven’t seen this much flip-flopping since a Gull Lake trout hit the bottom of the boat. Or, as an old friend of mine once said, “He’s trying so hard to avoid looking at the problem he looks like a tweaking rooster watching ping-pong.”

With the Syncrude trial underway and attention focused on recently released April 2008 photos of ducks stuck and dying in tailing ponds, Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach was asked by reporters if he had seen the pictures.

His surprising ‘no’ created a buzz. How could the Premier not have seen them?

Questions of honesty and motive arose. The opposition alleged that Ed is playing the ‘plausible deniability’ card in an attempt to avoid having to answer questions (read: accept any responsibility) on the subject.

Now under fire, Stelmach tried to explain himself in the Legislature.

“The reference here is to the pictures that are evidence in the trial that’s before us and I was very frank to the reporter yesterday. I did not see those pictures at all prior to them being delivered to the court as evidence,” Stelmach said during question period.